TR1200i folding treadmill

TR1200i Folding Treadmill Overview

The LifeSpan TR1200i treadmill is a quality and affordable machine that we really recommend to purchase for people with different levels of experience. It comes with an incline and different convenient workout options, saves exercise information that can be checked online, it can be easily folded and even has speakers. Continue reading this article, and you will find out why this treadmill is so good and why it has several different awards from professional reviewers and consumers.

Main Advantages

  • Lots of useful programs. Users will find 17 preset programs and two heart rate control programs. There is also space for two user-designed apps. If you are a member of LifeSpan Fitness Club, you can download various customized workouts for the best results.
  • Different Intensity Options. It is possible to choose among 15 different incline levels, and there are also three different intensity levels available in preset programs.
  • Excellent Belt Quality. The belt is two-ply and moves along large rollers, which means that it is pretty durable and better than those that you can find in many starter treadmills. The belt is also supported by a cushioned deck and shock absorbers.
  • Good Belt Length. The belt comes with sizes of 20-inch x 56-inch, which is good enough for most users. It is possible that you might need a longer track if you like fast runs. If you want to purchase a model with a longer belt, you can check out other LifeSpan treadmills from the same series.
  • Motorized Incline. LifeSpan comes with the TR1200i exercise ramp, which is pretty powerful. There are lots of models that you can find on the market with a weak motor that does not endure for a long time. There are 15 incline levels available.
  • Good Motor. The model is equipped with the 2.5 CHP motor that comes with lifetime warranty. It is similar to 2.25 HP motors offered for models of other brands. This good motor provides power for long jogs and allows changing the speed without any problems.
  • High Speed. The maximum speed that you can reach on this machine is 11 mph. It is pretty good, because most machines allow you to reach only 10 mph.
  • Data Storage. Thanks to the special feature, all of your important training data will be saved, including heart rate, calorie burn and others. It will be stored on USB. It is easy to check out all the necessary details online and make customized training plans that suit your need and desires.
  • Audio Entertainment. There are high-fidelity speakers provided, as well as an iPod port and a headphone jack.
  • Handlebar Controls. With relevant buttons, you can adjust workout intensity and turn on a heart rate monitor.
  • High Capacity. You can use this machine if your weight does not exceed 300 pounds.
  • Compact Size. This machine can be folded and stored in a room. When folded, its size is only 39″ x 33″.
  • Excellent Warranty. Lifetime warranty is available for the motor and frame. There are also a three-year warranty on all parts and one-year warranty.

Latest Reviews

  1. I like this treadmill very much. To purchase something similar, you will have to spend much more money. It is an ideal option for most people who train at home.
  2. I have used this machine for several months. So far it works perfectly. The price is really too low for what I got.
  3. It is an excellent treadmill. The assembly did not cause any problems. The belt is really long. I especially like the heart rate monitor. Good incline. I often use cup holders for water and the TV remote. I do not really need to use the speakers. In order to specify your weight and height for an accurate count, it requires using the Internet and sync with a USB drive which was annoying for me. Moreover, the machine is very easy to fold.
  4. I have used several different treadmills, and this seems the best one to me. It is really wonderful, and I am glad I have purchased it! There are lots of useful features. Well, it is really up to you if you want to use them because it is still a great machine. It works quietly. The delivery was fast. I do not recommend that you looked for something cheaper, because this machine is really worth spending the money. I have tried lots of different treadmills in many gyms, hotels, etc., and this one really impressed me. This machine is easy to use, works well, supports different workout programs and has lots of interesting features. Also, it has a pretty nice design. As for me, this piece of equipment is one of the best treadmills that you can find on the market today. If you purchase it, you will not regret.